Our Story

Since 1997

Born in the land of the cigar, Pinar del Rio, Cuba...

Roberto Echevarría Cofiño has been surrounded by cigars since childhood. Vega San Vicente of Vuelta Abajo, property of the family, cultivated the best cigar wrappers. Thus was born his passion for good cigars. Years later, living in Puerto Rico, he creates, along with a group of partners, the AT Cofiño brand produced in Brazil.

In 1997 he founded Habanacuba Cigar Shop and ever since has provided fine cigar aficionados in Puerto Rico an excellent selection of cigars and accessories for the cigar smoker. In addition, the store offers wines and spirits of the most prestigious brands.


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri 10AM - 8PM
Sat - Sun 10AM - 6PM