House Brands

  • Cofiño Gran Reserva Black

    A cigar for the connoisseur smoker. With notes of cocoa powder and toasted coffee beans. Combined with aromas of black spices and some leather. Precisely blended to give a long tasteful finish.

  • ROBUSTO 5" x 50 • This robusto is full with notes of earth and charcoal, some licorice too, and light vanilla sweetness at the end. A cigar to start the day.

    FIGURADO 5-3/4 x 5 • A beautiful boxpress figurado that gives you notes of chocolate, nougat and a touch of coffee beans. Perfect for an afternoon smoke.

    TORO 6 x 54 • This powerhouse with notes of earth, sweet dates and spices, this is a cigar for the connoisseur smoker.

    TORPEDO 6-1/8 x 52 • Created for the most demanding aficionado. A torpedo with some hickory flavor and coffee bean notes, a touch of sweetness on the palate.

  • RE Cofiño

    A magnificent cigar full in flavor, yet medium in strength, carefully handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, RE Cofiño boasts a Connecticut wrapper, and a Dominican blend featuring a Cuban seed tobacco. Resulting in an ideal indulgence for the smoker who seeks rich taste and complexity of aromas.

  • CORONA 4-1/2" x 45 • This cigar puts together the flavor and aromas as it's bigger brothers but in a smaller size that results in an unforgettable smoking experience truly worthy of it's size.

    ROBUSTO 5-1/2" x 50 • This robusto bears a combination of aromas that stands out as a complex and flavorful smoke on the milder side with bountiful taste notes of coffee and leather with an easy draw.

    TORO 6" x 52 • A magnificent toro with impeccable construction and a silky, golden wrapper that burns beautifully, a marvelously sweet aroma, and a creamy finish, a true star.

    GIGANTE 6" x 60 • The big one, a super smoke that is rich and powerful without being overwhelming a fantastic smoking satisfaction.

    TORPEDO 6-1/4" x 52 • Made with the traditional Cuban torpedo shape, this cigar burns beautifully with a marvelously sweet aroma and peppery notes with lots of smoke and great draw.